Abuse System

An Abuse System provides the checks and balances to monitor, ensure compliance and accountability. HUMAN provides a reporting mechanism where users can report abuse. A reported abuse, when proven within HUMAN, results in a negative reputation score, and a penalty from the stake, which automatically impacts the abuser’s ability to use HUMAN platform successfully.

To stop a job requester from abusing, the stake HMT tokens act as guarantee. In instances where abusive content is identified and verified, the Job Launcher's stake may be subjected to slashes.

How HUMAN prevents Abuse

Within HUMAN platform, the abuse system enforces security measures to prevent abuse:

  • Fiat Payments: The billing system charges users the same amount they select to fund the escrow. If abuse occurs, the Job Launcher can charge the user's credit card an amount proportional to the abuse.

  • Cryptocurrency Payments: Users must stake themselves and launch the escrow using their own wallet. In this scenario, the Job Launcher acts only as a UI to facilitate the escrow launch. If abuse occurs, the Job Requester's stake will be slashed.

Reporting Abuse

HUMAN app enables you to report any abusive content that is published as part of the jobs and tasks you receive from a job launcher.

While working on tasks, if you encounter any abusive content, you can:

  • Submit a screenshot of the abusive content.

  • Select a reason for the report from the drop down list of reasons.

HUMAN’s support team will review the report you shared. If the abuse is confirmed, the job launcher tokens are slashed. The same is paid to you for reporting abuse.

The Exchange Oracle gets a notification to stop retrieving answers from workers.

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