Reputation Oracle

The Reputation Oracle is responsible for verifying the responses previously validated by the Recording Oracle. It also manages payments to both workers and oracles involved in the job resolution process. The Reputation Oracle tracks and manages the reputation of both workers and oracles, adjusting their reputation based on their performance.

Here's a detailed workflow of the tasks and responsibilities of the Reputation Oracle:

  1. Worker and Oracle Registration:

    • Workers and oracles interested in participating in the Human Protocol ecosystem must register with the Reputation Oracle using Human App to be part of its Reputation Network.

    • Registration includes providing necessary information and undergoing a Know Your Customer (KYC) process. KYC verification ensures that all participants meet the required standards and compliance criteria, and prevents users from maintaining multiple accounts.

    • Oracle operators are not requsted to pass KYC, but eventually will be requested to stake and add information in the KVStore to be part of the Reputation Network. To consider an operator part of a Reputation Network, the Reputation Oracle needs to add in its KVStore a key & value pair following this:

    "[OPERATOR_ADDRESS]": "ACTIVE" (Reputation Oracle can set them "INACTIVE" if needed)

  2. Authentication and Token Generation:

    • The Reputation Oracle authenticates registered workers and generates unique tokens for each of them.

    • These tokens are used for worker login and interaction with the Exchange Oracle.

  1. Solution and Performance Evaluation:

    • After tasks are completed and solutions are provided by workers, Recording Oracle sends a notification to the Reputation Oracle to evaluate the quality and accuracy of the solutions.

    • Performance assessments consider the adherence to job requirements and the overall effectiveness of the worker or oracle.

  2. Reputation Adjustment:

    • Based on the assessments of the solutions and performance, the Reputation Oracle adjusts the reputation scores of workers and oracles.

    • Positive performance results in reputation increases, while negative performance may lead to reputation decreases.

  3. Payment Management:

    • The Reputation Oracle manages the calculation and distribution of payments to workers and oracles based on their performance an reputation.

    • Payments are distributed in accordance with predefined criteria and rules.

The Reputation Oracle plays a central role in ensuring that workers and oracles within the ecosystem are properly authenticated, compensated, and evaluated based on their contributions and performance.

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