Recording Oracle

The Recording Oracle plays a vital role in validating and recording the solutions provided by workers. Here's a detailed workflow of the tasks and responsibilities of the Recording Oracle:

  1. Solution Availability Notification:

    • The Recording Oracle receives notifications from the Exchange Oracle, indicating that solutions are ready for further processing.

  2. Solution Download and Validation:

    • The Recording Oracle downloads the solutions from the designated storage location, which could be an S3 Bucket.

    • It validates the solutions to ensure they meet the specified criteria and quality standards.

  3. Intermediate Results Compilation:

    • The outcomes of validation are consolidated into an "Intermediate Results" file, which is encrypted and uploaded to the S3 Bucket. This file serves as a compilation of accurate and approved answers, including those that were rejected or deemed invalid. These recorded responses can be utilized later by the Reputation Oracle for the purpose of managing workers reputations.

  4. Blockchain Interaction:

    • The Recording Oracle interacts with the blockchain to store the URL or reference to the "Intermediate Results" file, ensuring that it is securely recorded on the blockchain.

  5. Reputation Adjustment:

    • The recorded responses can be utilized later by the Reputation Oracle for the purpose of adjusting their reputation score based on the quality of the solutions and their adherence to job requirements.

  6. Notification to Reputation Oracle:

    • After the completion of the recording process, the Recording Oracle notifies the Reputation Oracle, indicating that new solutions have been submitted.

The Recording Oracle's responsibilities include solution validation, compilation and secure blockchain recording. It ensures that the solutions provided by workers are accurately recorded and validated.

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