Exchange Oracle

The Exchange Oracle plays a crucial role in the Human Protocol ecosystem, facilitating the distribution of tasks to workers and ensuring a smooth interaction between job requesters and workers. Here's a detailed workflow of the tasks and responsibilities of the Exchange Oracle:

  1. Job Creation Notification:

    • The Exchange Oracle receives a notification via webhook from the Job Launcher, indicating that a new job has been created and is ready for processing.

  2. Worker Registration and Authentication:

    • Workers who wish to participate in job tasks must first register in Human App and undergo a Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

  3. Jobs discovery

    • Workers actively browse available job tasks using Human App and select the ones they want to work on based on their interests and capabilities.

  1. Task Assignment to Workers:

  • The Exchange Oracle confirms the assignment of the requested task to the worker based on their selection.

  1. Task Distribution:

    • The Exchange Oracle distributes task details to workers, ensuring that they understand the requirements and can provide solutions.

    • Workers are instructed on how to access the task and submit their solutions.

  2. Solution Submission:

    • Workers utilize the Annotation Instrument to submit their solutions to the Exchange Oracle for validation and subsequent processing.

  3. Storage:

    • A solutions file is created, encrypted, and then uploaded to a cloud storage service such as S3 buckets. The encrypted file can only be read by the Recording Oracle.

  4. Recording Oracle Notification:

    • When solutions are submitted, the Exchange Oracle notifies the Recording Oracle, indicating that the solutions are ready for further processing and recording.

  5. Job Cancellation Handling:

    • If the Job Requester decides to cancel the job at any point, the Exchange Oracle handles the cancellation process and communicates this to the workers.

    • Workers will not be rewarded for the work performed during the period between the last payout and the cancellation of the escrow.

  6. Unprocessable Job Notification to Job Launcher:

    • In the event that the Exchange Oracle encounters a job that is deemed unprocessable due to various reasons, such as invalid manifest or other issues, it notifies the Job Launcher.

    • The Exchange Oracle provides a detailed explanation of the issue, allowing the Job Launcher to assess the situation.

    • The Job Launcher and the Job Requester may then decide on a course of action, which could include job cancellation, adjustments, or further investigation.

The Exchange Oracle acts as a central hub for task assignment, worker authentication and solution distribution. Its role is pivotal in ensuring that tasks are efficiently processed, and solutions are collected and prepared for further processing and recording by the Recording Oracle.

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