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Here you can find a list of projects that have already received a grant from us!

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Jay Zalowitz, an experienced founder in the media space, observed a modern news environment in which centralized platforms with weak fact-checking procedures dominated our news environment.

Along with his co-founder Aly, he founded Ramblist as a decentralized news platform in which news articles are crowdsourced, vetted by algorithms alongside third parties. Journalists, editors, and other workers are remunerated according to their contribution to these articles.

HUMAN Protocol awarded a $50k grant to fund the integration of our work-request API into the platform to support their news request call. Upon successful integration, HUMAN will award further funding to power the settlement mechanism of their platform and provide a float to remunerate the first round of contributors.

You can find out more about Ramblist here.



Whilst Director of Strategic Development at TrustPilot, Brahim Ben Helal contributed to the growth from the early start up stage until the IPO and saw the potential for blockchain to completely revolutionize the customer feedback and review process.

He founded Verita Trust as a project to create a fully transparent & Trustworthy decentralised customer feedback and review service, in which customers own and are rewarded for their reviews with tokens. Human Protocol provided a grant to fund the implementation of the protocol into Verita Trust’s tech stack, in which our job launcher can be used to request reviews and HMT is used to reward those who contribute.

You can find out more about Verita Trust here.



Mark and Robin founded DataUnion, a DataUnion-as-a-Service platform as the building blocks to creating a new decentralized, democratized data ecosystem. They create infrastructure to allow organisations, companies and individuals to come together to create DataUnions and allow all parties involved to benefit from the value created. This allows all industries and types of data to benefit from a shared value approach.

DataUnion creates data sets with thousands of contributions from hundreds of individuals. This requires fast and efficient validation of the quality of each contribution. The Human Grants Program is providing blueprints and funds to allow DataUnion to create a Reputation Oracle System. This system will keep track of the quality of contributors’ submissions whilst automating the QA process for the data sets.

You can find out more about Data Union here.

Blockchain Helix


For Blockchain HELIX Innovation, creativity and sustainability are at the heart of everything they do. They offer a Digital Identity solution for individuals and corporates, called helix id.

Helix id aims to give users back control of their digital identity, providing 1-click registration and storing data encrypted and protected by blockchain technology.

HUMAN Protocol provided a $50k grant to fund the development of an alternate version of the current HUMAN app, including a KYC solution and job marketplace.

You can find out more about Blockchain Helix here



Audino is a open source audio annotation tool created by a group of researchers at IIIT-Delhi who study, analyze, and build different multimedia systems for society leveraging multimodal information.

The team is part of the MIDAS group, a group of AI and ML researchers based out of Delhi, who built a chatbot to help ASHAs get quick access to important information.

This project aims to facilitate the translation of queries into hindi and english to further improve that chatbot. A potential upside is a comprehensive language database of india’s regional languages.

HUMAN Protocol provided an initial $25k grant to integrate audio recording tasks into the HUMAN app and collect a usable dataset in the first phase of this collaboration.

You can find our more about Audino here.



Hummingbot is open source software that helps build market making and arbitrage bots that run on any crypto exchange, centralized or decentralized.

HUMAN Protocol provided a $50k grant to fund the project “Humming Human”, which will create on-chain smart contracts and an off-chain recording oracle layer to enable the creation of decentralized reward pools that enable anyone to earn token rewards for providing volume and/or liquidity to participating platforms.

You can find out more about Hummingbot here.

Me Protocol


The Me Protocol is a blockchain protocol that will power the first decentralized multi-vendor loyalty ecosystem for brands competing in the Web3 space by allowing users to earn rewards for brand-related bounty completions and to exchange different brands’ loyalty rewards.

Me Protocol wants to use a modified version of the HUMAN job launcher in their bounty creation system for brands. Enabling the autonomous creation of decentralized challenges / bounties and automating payout will open up more opportunities for anyone to earn tokenized rewards.

They will also integrate HUMAN Protocol into their existing ecosystem, enabling us to create bounties ourselves and our rewards (HMT) to be exchanged for other loyalty rewards within their marketplace.

You can find out more about Me Protocol here.

Signa X


Signa X has a service to offer game developers – It offers a 3D asset creation platform for the metaverse and gaming worlds. It works with gaming guilds globally to build in game assets and experiences like characters, environments, weapons, power ups and utilities etc. Additionally, Signa X offers minting and leasing capabilities to gaming projects in order to support a web3 economy.

Through this project, we aim to create a tool to embed Signa X and HUMAN job launcher as an additional feature on the platform to help game developers design challenges and offer payouts using the recording and reputation oracle. This is a great opportunity to incorporate HUMAN job launcher as part of the Signa X’s offering to game developers.

Signa X is also planning to incorporate Proof of Humanity as part of its sign up process for game developers and 3D Creators. It will also be used as part of a gamer registration feature.

You can find out more about Signa X here.

What's Cookin'


What’s cookin’ will provide an API endpoint to verify and import existing worker credentials from various sources like e.g. GitHub, sign and write to a decentralized storage as well as providing them as an NFT to the worker, and also provide aggregated results. The API may be integrated into existing systems for discovering or evaluating workers, for instance.

You can find out more about What’s Cookin’ here.

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