Application Process of the HUMAN Grants Program

Pre submission

  • Early discussions with applicant. Q&A sessions online.

  • We will organise open coffee mornings/briefing sessions for potential applicants to learn about new Human functionality and ask questions about the program


  • Applicants will complete application form. The form will detail:

  • Requirement from program

  • Researched market analysis

  • Product (both business and tech) road map

  • Team intros

Review and 1st interview

  • Application assessed against criteria by the Grants team. Provided the application meets criteria, the Grants Team will schedule a first round interview with the Applicant's team, aimed to clarifying questions on both sides.

  • Applicants may be asked to submit more detail at this stage in advance to the interview.

2nd interview / tech review

  • Interview with one member of the Engineering team, especially talking about technical feasibility and integration.

  • The applicant will be asked for any further information necessary for a Commitee decision. They may also be matched with vendors specific to their application at this stage.

Grants committee

  • A recommendation paper is submitted to the Grants Committee to sign off the funds. A vote will be held and the applicant informed of said vote.

Due Diligence and contract

  • The Grant is awarded subject to conditions defined by the Grants committee, for example:

  • Legal due diligence

  • Commercial due diligence

  • Background checks

  • Contracts in place

Grant implementation

  • The Grant is awarded according to the draw down schedule/milestone plan.

  • The Grants Team are on hand to support the project.

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