Application Process

1. Apply

To apply fill out the Application Form.

The form consists of 9 questions relating to your application:

  1. Project name

  2. Brief description of project (i.e. what you're building)

  3. Pitch deck or overview document (if you have one)

  4. Project goals (what you wish to achieve with the grant)

  5. High level breakdown of project milestones, timeline and funding needs for each milestone

  6. An estimated total project cost

  7. How much of the project funding is needed in USD

  8. A description of your team size, experience and time commitment to the project

  9. Any other information

2. Application review

Once you have submitted the form you will go through our application review process. You can find out about the application process here:

Application Process of the HUMAN Grants Program

3. Assessment criteria

Each application will be scored according to the following criteria:

Clear Benefit to Human: Increases Human usage, raises Human profile, adds to protocol functionality, enlarges community, increases wallet adoption

Team: Are technically able, have domain expertise, display commercial acumen, are experienced builders/have strong track record, have worked together before

Value Proposition/use case: Well researched use case, clear user need for functionality, initial signs of traction, clear target end user, significant market size

Ease of implementation:

Low: replaces an existing system with Human,

Medium: requires coordination with multiple partners to deliver result,

High: end user behaviour unvalidated and/or optimistic adoption plan.

4. The Grants Program Team & Governance

The Grants program team consists of three people.

Anshu Kalra, Crypto Analyst

Tino Kügler, Grants Program Lead

Andreas Schemm, Ecosystem and Operations Director, who is the executive oversight of the grants program

The Grants Program is governed by a Committee that consists of

Alex Newman - Protocol Designer

Andreas Schemm - Ecosystem and Operations Director

Eli-Shaoul Khedouri - Advisor to Human Protocol

Tino Kügler - Grants Program Lead

Jalal Hannan - Solutions Architect

6. Milestone Delivery and Payment

If your application is successful we agree a payment schedule according to achieving your project milestones. You will have a dedicated member of the grants team to work with you to support your project. They will be in charge of connecting you with the various support available from across the Human Ecosystem.

6. Payment

Payment is made in HMT, USDC or a USD token equivalent. If you want to apply in private and/or you need to be paid out in fiat, please contact us. Note that this is generally a slower process and imposes stricter requirements on applicants.

Accepted grant applications can be amended at any time. However, this necessitates a reevaluation by the committee. If your application has been accepted and, during development, you find that your project significantly deviates from the original specification, please let us know.

Please ensure you check out our Terms and Conditions before applying.

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